Sunday, April 3, 2011


also known as Catch-Up Part 5
I have been avoiding thinking about this, but it is, unfortunately, a reality.
First, I have to introduce you to my ex-husband, Derek, (Jake's dad) and his lovely wife, Tina:

Earlier this year, they celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.

We, obviously, have a very comfortable relationship and I consider the four of us (Derek, Tina, Rene, and myself) as co-parents in Jake's life.

In fact, there have been times, due to Derek's deployments, that we have attended Back to School nights and Orchestra concerts as Tiffany, Rene, and Tina. There have also been times when Rene is chasing the young ones around to keep them occupied, that we attend as Tiffany, Derek, and Tina.

I've taken them to the airport for vacations and we have house-sat for one another. Needless to say, our lives are fairly intertwined.

We share joint custody and have never worried with anything like child support. We just split the costs for everything and have never run into an issue.

Which brings me to why I am brokenhearted. Derek found out in February that he is being transferred to another duty station. Not just any other duty station, but to one in Beaufort, South Carolina. He and Tina will be moving there in August. :(

We have lived through 4 deployments to Iraq and 2 to Afghanistan, but those were temporary.

This is a permanent duty station. I am so brokenhearted for my Jakey. I am so sad that he will be separated from his dad by a country. Ugh.

I am also brokenhearted for Derek and Tina. Not only will they be so far away from Jake and what they consider home, but they also have to sell their house for about a $180,000 loss (if it sells for what they have it listed for currently-they may have to drop the price again.)

I am at a loss for words for their situation, as well as the loss that my Jakey will feel come August.
Here is another sweet picture from 2006 (and another one of Derek's deployments):

If you have any positive thoughts to spare, they will all be able to use them.

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Jan Marie said...

I am so sorry for you all. Life doesn't seem fair sometimes does it.