Sunday, August 5, 2012

No dress rehearsal

This is our life.  
Sorry for TTH non-sequitur... We decided to take one more little family getaway and I would guess that 90% of the music that we listened to on the way there and back was The Hip, so I am still in a poetic state of mind.

We hopped over the San Jacinto mountains to Palm Springs for a few days.  It was such fun!

The kids enjoyed the amazing pool...

I couldn't begin to count the number of times that the kids went down these slides.  Although Gabriela stuck to the little slide, the older three kids rode the heck out of the big slide.
Daniel making a big splash...
Jake holding the phone on his way down...
Some random shots...
We found the Hotel California!
Jake getting ready to slide, again.

The view from our Villa.

The girls going for a daytime swim.
The girls going for a nighttime swim.

Our crazy family.

Jake and the girls humoring me for a photo.

As always, it was some great family time and a perfect way to wind down our summer.  I do have to admit it was really nice to be home, too, where we only have to go to our backyard to enjoy a little bit of paradise!  :)
Thanks René, for the perfect frozen margarita!