Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowman Block Exchange...

also known as Catch Up Part 3

Have you ever participated in a block exchange? Basically, you create a block for each member in the group and they do the same. Then, you distribute your blocks to each person and take one of theirs. The idea is that everyone will use these blocks to create their own interpretation quilt. Each will be different, but have the same core blocks. Fun!

I belong to two friendship groups and each group has held a block exchange.

One Friendship Group (Crazy Quilters) hosted a spool exchange. That exchange went on for about six months. Every time that we met, we brought enough spools for each member of the group. In the end, I think that I received nearly 40 blocks. (I never counted and I obviously haven't put it together yet.)

My Cabin Fever Friendship Group (aptly named as the group formed around a Quilt Retreat in an Idyllwild cabin) hosted a snowman block exchange, but it was a "one and done" situation.

We met on the last Sunday in January to exchange our blocks. The ladies did a fabulous job and I can't wait to begin putting them altogether!

Take a look!

Aren't they cute? We are still waiting on one, but we got a sneak peek and it is pretty fantastic.

Thanks, friends! This is going to be "snow" much fun. (Oh hell, even I am cringing at that.)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love this guy....

also known as: Catch-Up Part 2

Is it any wonder that I love my husband? On top of being an amazing teacher, fabulous father, outstanding intellectual, and best friend, he remembers sweet little things like the day that he realized that he was in love with me.
The crazy part is that we were both, happily, with other people. He was engaged and I was in a serious relationship.

Then one day, we were teaching first grade together and attended a professional development day together. That did it.

He told me (after we were married), that he went home that day and realized that we would be together eventually. He just knew it.

Well, he was right. It would be a looooooooong time before we actually connected, but it did happen. (Lucky me!)

Then, he sends me sweet texts like this one, reminding me of that day that changed both of our lives:

Of course, he also does stuff to make me laugh and be silly like change my sweet and innocent label for:

to the not-so innocent:

What a nut! :)
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Road to California Quilt Show...

also known as: Catching Up Part 1

January 15th, I had the pleasure of attending the Road to California Quilt Show. It is a great place to see some award-winning quilts, take note of any new trends, meet many new people/designers/vendors, and buy a heap of new things on which to work!
Here is my haul:

Good stuff!
I've included some of my favorites from the show:
Some fabulous "Dear Jane" quilts!

"THE" tea quilt. (Everyone was all a-buzz about this one. For good reason!)

Check out the detail:

Best of Show

Holy hexagons!

The rust colored quilt in the center is one solid piece of fabric and the details were created solely through quilting.


Ruby from the Fallbrook Quilt Guild had a wall-hanging in the Hoffman Challenge!

A very cool art quilt.

I could share tons more, but they truly can't convey the workmanship and talent from the show! If you are a quilter and have never been, you should make plans to attend.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quite Contrary

Yes, I know that I am scheduled for an epic catch-up post, but I have to share this first!
I am so excited for an internet "friend" of mine. She is a digital scrapbook designer and creates some fabulous kits and patterns. It makes me wish that I was still into scrapbooking. You can find her designs both on her blog, The Project Girl, as well as on Design House Digital.
Although I can appreciate her digital creations, her newest endeavor has me stoked!
She created a fabric line!! Not JUST a fabric line, but an adorable, happy, fun, bright, girly, fantabulistic fabric line! *happy dance*
Want a peek?

Love it!
She is hosting a giveaway on her blog!
I really hope to get my hands on a set of fat quarters, but it is getting kind of hard to type with my fingers crossed.
Congratulations, Jen!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Epic catch-up post... overdue.

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