Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Pre-Spring Break-Break brought to you by....

...the flu!  We (almost all of us) are at home ruminating in our influenza.  Funsies!

We can trace the gift back to my adorable husband, Rene.  I knew things weren't right with him when he chose not to take one of his epic weekend road bike journeys.   I immediately suspected that he was harboring something a bit more serious than the common cold.  By Sunday mid-morning, he was out like a light and pretty much remained that way through the day.  By Sunday evening, Gaby had started to cough a bit and I  put the mom glare on her.  Sure enough...Fever.
I took Monday off to take care of the Gabs and Rene decided to try to go into work and make a go of it.  I took Gabriela to the doctor and confirmed what I think we already knew....the flu had moved into our home.  
At the doctor's office, I experienced a first!  At the end of the appointment, Gaby and I were escorted out through the file room so as not to infect those in the waiting room.  (I like to say that we received backstage passes at the doctor's office.)  When we drove to the pharmacy, the pharmacist eyed me as though I had 2 heads when I passed her the 6 prescriptions for Tami-flu....That's right... We have all been exposed.    Ugh.
So the four sweeties are home with me today, and as of this moment, I feel no symptoms.  Perhaps the preventative treatment of Tamiflu will do the trick.  (Hard to type with my fingers crossed.)  Gaby and Cristina's symptoms are pretty much full-blown at this point.  Jake has a headache and is super-tired and Daniel has a bit of a cough with a little sneeze thrown in for good measure.  So, we are all quarantined to our home and are having a Pre-Spring Break-Break of sorts.

Enough about that...
I owe this blog a few quilts, so I'll throw this one up quickly.
First let me begin by showing you the mistake.  Do you see it?
 Bottom right quadrant?  I spotted it when it was on my design wall and I couldn't decide whether or not to correct it.  I decided to let it simmer while I went to pick up Jakey at John Wayne Airport after a quick jaunt he took to visit his dad before Derek deployed.  (Yes, Derek deployed AGAIN.  I have lost count how many deployments that man has had to serve.  At least this time, he is on the USS Enterprise and being afloat is "away" from the main action, even if you are in the area.)  I digress....  So, on the drive up and on the way home, the quilt kept bugging me.  So, of course, I came home grabbed my seam ripper and did what I had to do.
Here is the finished quilt.  Just so you know,  I made it completely with leftover green scraps and background fabric.  It was fun to get rid of some odds and ends that I had in my fabric stash.  The quilt is just a little one for my classroom.
The back fabric is a pretty horrendous green, but I was happy to be rid of it.  I don't even know for sure how it ended up in my stash.  (I think that it was left from an Eric Carle quilt.  Maybe?) *shudder*
Sorry if I burned your retinas.  :)