Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friendship Spool Quilt

Back in May of 2010, one of my friendship groups decided to do a spool block exchange. I posted about our first exchange in the post titled Hangin' by a Thread.

For the next few months, every time that we met we would bring enough spools to exchange with other members of the group.

During Spring Break, I finally had a chance to piddle around with them and piece them together. When I put them up on my design-wall the block in the top, middle jumped out at me. It seemed a little too..."bright," compared to the others.

Here is a close-up of that block.

I decided that if I wanted to use it, I needed to try something different. I tea-dyed it. It was super-easy to do with such a small block.

After steeping a tea bag in boiling water, I pushed my fabric in and let the tea set. I think that I left it in for about 10 minutes.

Then, I took it out and rinsed it in cold water.

Such a difference! It matched the other blocks perfectly!

Below is the finished product with all of the spools represented. I love the eclectic look that this quilt has. I used a sage green border that brought out some of the colors in the spools.

The back is a blue floral that is from the same fabric line as the green fabric. (I can't remember the line.)

Now, I need to figure out how I am going to piece together our Snowman Block Exchange. Hmmmmmmm.
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