Sunday, June 26, 2011

No more Captain Caveman

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Hear that Captain Caveman voice? Love it! We have always known that Daniel had large adenoids. The guttural language patterns? Check. Deep voice? Check. The snores that sound like a Mack truck and often interfere with sleep? Check.

Although he has had enlarged adenoids, he hasn't really been sick in about three years. So, this year, beginning in January, we couldn't understand why he was getting ear infection after ear infection and every sinus bug he came across.

While on his second round of antibiotics, one day I noticed that he could NOT hear me. Not the normal "I am a kid and I have selective hearing when my mom wants me to do something" loss of hearing, but a genuine loss of hearing.

I am hypersensitive to that because when I came back from maternity leave with Daniel, I realized one of my kindergartners was unable to hear within normal ranges. I referred him to the school nurse, who immediately worked with Medi-Cal to get an ENT referral. He had permanent bilateral hearing loss due to an infection that had gone untreated. He was eventually (in 2nd grade) fitted for hearing aides that he now wears full time. (By the way, he goes to school with Jake and is an A/B student! Yeah, Juan H.)

So, Daniel's pediatrician tested his hearing and diagnosed him with diminished hearing from the fluid that was failing to drain from his ears due to his enlarged adenoids. She quickly referred him to an ENT doctor.

Say, "Ahhhhhh!"

When the ENT saw Daniel's tonsils and adenoids, he felt we should remove the adenoids and tonsils (also enlarged) and put tubes in his ears to help with the draining. He was positive that Daniel's hearing loss wasn't permanent and would be better on the drive home from his surgery.

Perfect! Here Daniel is having his vitals checked. (Look at that crazy hair! He couldn't use any hair pomade or gels.)

Waiting for the anesthesiologist, Daniel kept himself busy with his DS. Once the anesthesiologist saw his airway, he had to do some scrambling. Due to the size of his tonsils, he was uncomfortable blocking the airway for general anesthesia. He decided to do an IV instead. That was no fun!

The surgery only took about 45 minutes. Dr. Lebovitz was amazed at the size of his adenoids. Apparently, they were twice the size of the tonsils which were already out of control. Poor guy! We had no idea!
Here he is still under the effects of the general anesthesia.

Still feeling woozy, but starting to come around. He is watching Looney Toons on my iPad.

Although Daniel was in a lot of pain, this certainly made his day better.

Daniel was still taking it easy about a week later. What a life!

YouTube Video
He is a cool kid!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

On this special day, I wanted to take a moment to thank the special dads in my life!
First, I'd like to recognize my daddy. He is the sweetest, most loving dad with whom I could ever be blessed. My daddy has always supported me in my endeavors and adventures. I love this picture of daddy and me.

Next, I want to recognize Jake's dad, Derek. He is a terrific father to Jake and I sincerely appreciate the way we work together for Jake's sake. He will always hold a special place in my heart for the love that he provides Jake.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to recognize my husband, Rene. He is the most amazing man that I have ever met. Not only is he a wonderful provider for our family, he is a fantastic father to our children. He is their playmate, and at times their disciplinarian. He kisses boo-boos and challenges them to chess. He gives them unending support and loves them beyond measure. Finally, he is a model patriarch. He is kind and giving while being firm and clear. He couldn't be more perfect! (Not to mention, he is absolutely gorgeous! *whistle*)

I hope that all of the fathers out there were treated well on this special day!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day

From my Gabriela to all of you!
(Edited to fix the typo. Damn you autocorrect.)

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Very Quilty Quilt

With summer vacation finally upon us, I am playing a bit of catch-up. (As is par for the course.)

Although my kids are in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program and must be placed with teachers who have obtained their GATE certification, I am still somewhat able to pick teachers for them.

So, there are teachers that have had all four of my children.

Last year, to celebrate the kindergarten teacher that had taught all of the kids, I made this Brown Bear, Brown Bear Quilt for Linda DiVerde.

This year, I get to celebrate Joan Dyer. She has not only been there for all of my kids, but she has also been a good friend to me.

I chose to use Eric Carle fabrics again, since he is such a staple in early childhood literature.

This quilt features many of the characters found in the Eric Carle "The Very" series: "The Very Quiet Cricket," "The Very Lonely Firefly," and "The Very Busy Spider," among others. (Check out my mitered corners! This is the first time that I've ever done them.)

She absolutely loved it, and we absolutely love her!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

That's my boy!

I am so proud of my son, Jake. (Well, I am proud of all my children, but this post is dedicated to Jakey.)

At the close of each year, the kids get to celebrate all of the things that they have accomplished that year.

Tuesday of this past week, we were invited to two awards ceremonies for Jake. The first was during the school day and it was the awards ceremony for Grade Point Average.

Jake had a 4.0. One of only 5 students in all of seventh grade! Woot!

He also received an award for being a member of PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students.) It is a leadership group that holds forums for teachers and students, alike. This was his first year on the PLUS team and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He will be continuing with PLUS during his eighth grade year.

During the evening ceremony, we anticipated that Jake would win the Outstanding student for 7th grade math, like he did the previous year.

However, we forgot that he can't win that because he isn't in a 7th grade math.

He is actually in the Algebra class for 8th graders. (The counselor suggested he skip 7th grade math and take the 8th grade Algebra because math is so easy for him. They were right because he was one of only two students with an A at the end of the year and the other was an 8th grader.)
Well, the instructor had to give the award to an 8th grader, even though he told us that Jake was his best student; but, I digress....

So, we had no idea what award he would be receiving. Well......

Jake received the Outstanding Student in Language Arts for 7th grade! I love his wrinkled brain! I really do! Here is a snapshot that I took during the ceremony, after he received his medal. Isn't he adorable?

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Worky-work, Busy-bee

It is the busiest time of the year!

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