Thursday, August 15, 2013


I am pretty proud of my little golfer Daniel.  In June, he was invited to a tournament that was hosted by North County Junior Golf Association.  He did really well!  He placed 5th in his division, which isn't bad considering this was his first tournament.

So, we were super-proud of his golf accomplishments and now we have another to add.  His golf club called yesterday and gave us some great news.  Daniel was invited to attend a luncheon and play a round of golf with some Callaway reps later in August.  They chose him because of his talent and his personality.  Fun!  I am so happy for my sweets.  What an honor for him!

Here are some shots from the June tournament...
Taking aim....
And he swings.  We couldn't walk with him, so the closest shot that
I was able to get was when he teed off from the first hole.  So adorable. 


Someone needed a haircut....

Tournament sign and putting practice.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mississippi Queen

Yeah, that's correct.  I am like royalty!

My family definitely needed some Mississippi/Tennessee time this summer.  We just returned home and it was a fantastic visit.  The theme for this visit?   My husband and kids are simply too good to be true and I am freakin' unbelievably lucky to have been blessed with this family.   Theme #2?  I love my life.

Here are some pictures, in no particular order:

Did I mention that we drove?  Here the kids are in Arizona.
We stayed with my Daddy.  Love the area around his house.
His house is in Hernando.  I love Hernando's Courthouse Square.
We often had ducks as sentries.
You can never have enough kudzu.
When visiting with my daddy, there is always some of this...
And some of this...
And a lot of this.  (This is a hole in the wall place near my dad's house.) 
Did I forget this?  Dale's is the yummiest (other than home-cooked.)
These greens and purple-hull peas were a little piece of heaven.
But my favorite things are the views...

We even went by my elementary school:  Southaven Elementary School.
I did go to Hope Sullivan for a year and a half, but this was the school that I remembered most.  
Old church/schoolhouse out on Malone Rd.

Look at these adorable "churn."

Visiting my mom's gravesite.

We had to visit Graceland, of course.
So many choices for an Elvis fan.  #TCB