Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm a mom to a teenager!!??!!??

also known as catch-up post 4

So, yep.  It is true.  My little Jakey Smoothface is a teenager.  *sigh*  It is still so hard to believe that this little sweetness...
...has grown into a teenager.  When I look at him, I still see this little guy. 

In those days it was all about:  his shirt sleeves being pushed up, his boardbooks, his Bear in the Big Blue House, his binky, his hot wheels, and running while laughing uncontrollably. 

These days, it is all about:  girls, AXE (ugh), schoolwork, music, more chapter books than I can keep available, games, and hanging out with friends.  (One thing that he isn't about is photos.  I tried to take one for this post and he was less than thrilled.  I pick my battles and that wasn't one.)  :)

But, I'll tell you what is really cool. 
The conversations. 
He is such a smart kid and I love that he has some strong opinions, loves to play devil's advocate, has an uncanny sense of fairness, enjoys stirring the intellectual pot, and owns a generous and kind heart.  *love*

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