Monday, June 30, 2008

Sushi Night

My blog is by no means a cooking blog. Although I love cooking, I would never think to stop and take pictures. However, earlier tonight I was talking to my niece, Kelsi, back in Mississippi. I was teasing her about the sushi that I was rolling (she loves sushi). I told her if she would come out and babysit for me, I would pay her in sushi. Not a bad deal, huh? Have you seen the price of sashimi grade salmon and tuna? She'd be making out like a bandit! So, to entice my sweet little Kelsi Elizabeth here is the sushi that we had tonight. C'mon, Lizard!
EDITED TO ADD: After reading Kelsi's comment, I have to ask....
You mean Tatie Chip? The same Katie (Tatie Chip) that when she came to California to help me with my wedding went to the Sushi Bar with us and only ate Teriyaki Chicken strips? Just kidding. Of course I know that, because the lovely Katie graced me with her presence the last time I was home for some yummy Sushi at that place on Goodman Road. :D
After rolling...

After cutting...

I love sushi in the summer.

Edited to add: After posting and seeing how crappy the pictures are, I think you can understand why this is NOT a cooking blog. :-)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Head above water...

I am so happy to begin having my head above water again. I am trying to catch up in all of the facets of my life that I neglected during:
a.) the National Board Certification process,
b.) the end of the school year,
c.) some things that I need to remain private, but ended up having a happy ending,
d.) taking care of my family and then some,
e.) more. I'll just say more for now. :D

I don't really have anything witty or relevant to add, just wanted to document that I am on my way to catching up with all the things that got put on the back burner.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gabby, the yoga master

Last week, I was walking in to the family room and Gabriela stopped me and told me that she "needed" to do some yoga. She immediately struck the "tree" pose. You have to love that Wii Fit. My kids never paid any attention to yoga before. :-)

I ran to get the camera and asked her to do it again for the camera. I didn't notice until afterward that she had grabbed some fruit snacks between the two incidents. Sneaky cha-cha!

School's OUT for summer....

Thank you Alice Cooper for providing a perfect summer song for me to steal for my post title! Last Friday was the last day of school for all of us. Rene and I are happy, but it pales in comparison to the euphoria that the kids are feeling. I told my class that I would post the pictures of their tug-o-war tournament, with the other 3rd grade classrooms. Here are the pictures of them slamming one of the teams. Alas, they fell to Mrs. Flynn's room 4. Awwww, shucks. We'll get them next year.

Quick note: After looping with these kids for two years, I am really going to miss them and it makes the end of the school year bittersweet. Hugs and kisses, brainiacs. Keep making me proud. :-)

Another note: I am really behind and I have tons of things to post, so please excuse my double (maybe triple) posts.