Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gettin', Gettin', Gettin' kind of sketchy...

Recently, because of the goings on of life, I have been unable to ponder layout ideas for massive amounts of time. (P.S. That is my normal M.O.) Therefore, I have been thankful for the thousands of sketches that people have created for inspiration.

Last May, while purusing a fabulous blog ( Blah, Blah, Blog! , I happened upon this fantastic sketch rolodex to organize your sketches (if you collect them).

Well, I didn't have a rolodex to alter but I did have this reproduction antique recipe box that I wasn't using.

So, sketches are glued onto the cranberry colored cardstock (ummm, don't look at the purple at the back that I had to use when I ran out of cranberry) and organized by number of photos used. The last group actually has 7+ photos, as there were only a few of those.

When you are using a sketch, you can slip it in the top holder for easy reference.

It is nowhere near as fabulous as CarrieB's, but I'm pretty happy with it.