Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fall Bargello

Ahhhh, see how behind I am?  

I completed this Bargello quilt in early October, using the most beautiful batik fabrics.  It was so easy to piece and it looks great in our front room, all year long.   

 The back of this quilt is reminiscent of stained glass.  I may have to post better pictures to show the depth of the colors.  Love.
What's that?  You are wondering if I stippled this quilt??  Hell, yeah.  Did you really need to ask?

Monday, December 26, 2011


Wow, I really suck at this blog thing.  We have just been so busy that I find myself writing far more "catch-up" posts, than real posts.  Prepare yourself for a jumble of information that is in no particular order.  I do have a few quilt related posts to enter, but first let me post about Christmas...

This is the first Christmas ever...EVER...that I have been without Jakey.  It has been pretty hard.  It is all I can do to not call him incessantly.  Instead of the mom-call-apalooza, I have settled for texting regularly and a few "face-times" thrown in for good measure.

My sweet, 13-year old Jake also met another milestone.  For the first time, he flew across our country, unaccompanied.  Holy cow!  I can't think of one thing that was harder as a mother to do, than to watch my 13 year old man-boy board a plane alone and watch it leave the gate.  My heart.  Ugh.

But, I digress.  He is having a great time with his new little brother and his dad and he'll be home soon.  So, that makes me happy.

Here he is walking through LAX like he owns the place.  As we were going through TSA, I reminded him of the time (before 9/11) that we were flying home (or perhaps back) and he was carrying a lunchbox full of his hot wheels.  When the lunchbox went through the x-ray machine, the security had the strangest look on his face.  I explained what the heap of metal was and he had to see it for himself.  We had a good laugh over that.

We had such a busy holiday that I didn't get a lot of pictures this year.  (Crazy, huh?)  I do have a digital version of our Christmas card to share.  This year, I made a flip book that included a stack of eight photos printed on card stock.  It turned out fairly kitschy and cute.  :)

The kids were cooperative; however, I wasn't feeling well so I didn't stick around to get the best photos.

Also, we were very sneaky this year and actually caught some photos of the fat man as he dropped off his Christmas booty!
Once in the front room....
AND we caught him again in the family room...

Apparently, we have been very nice this year.  OR the right kind of naughty.  I'm just sayin'.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.  I hope that your holidays were beautifully blessed.  :)