Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowman Block Exchange...

also known as Catch Up Part 3

Have you ever participated in a block exchange? Basically, you create a block for each member in the group and they do the same. Then, you distribute your blocks to each person and take one of theirs. The idea is that everyone will use these blocks to create their own interpretation quilt. Each will be different, but have the same core blocks. Fun!

I belong to two friendship groups and each group has held a block exchange.

One Friendship Group (Crazy Quilters) hosted a spool exchange. That exchange went on for about six months. Every time that we met, we brought enough spools for each member of the group. In the end, I think that I received nearly 40 blocks. (I never counted and I obviously haven't put it together yet.)

My Cabin Fever Friendship Group (aptly named as the group formed around a Quilt Retreat in an Idyllwild cabin) hosted a snowman block exchange, but it was a "one and done" situation.

We met on the last Sunday in January to exchange our blocks. The ladies did a fabulous job and I can't wait to begin putting them altogether!

Take a look!

Aren't they cute? We are still waiting on one, but we got a sneak peek and it is pretty fantastic.

Thanks, friends! This is going to be "snow" much fun. (Oh hell, even I am cringing at that.)

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