Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love this guy....

also known as: Catch-Up Part 2

Is it any wonder that I love my husband? On top of being an amazing teacher, fabulous father, outstanding intellectual, and best friend, he remembers sweet little things like the day that he realized that he was in love with me.
The crazy part is that we were both, happily, with other people. He was engaged and I was in a serious relationship.

Then one day, we were teaching first grade together and attended a professional development day together. That did it.

He told me (after we were married), that he went home that day and realized that we would be together eventually. He just knew it.

Well, he was right. It would be a looooooooong time before we actually connected, but it did happen. (Lucky me!)

Then, he sends me sweet texts like this one, reminding me of that day that changed both of our lives:

Of course, he also does stuff to make me laugh and be silly like change my sweet and innocent label for:

to the not-so innocent:

What a nut! :)
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