Friday, September 9, 2011

San Diego County, Unplugged

What a crazy afternoon/evening yesterday!

After walking my students to the front of the school yesterday afternoon, I returned to my classroom to find that there was no power. The kids and I waited a few minutes to see if it was a quick interrupt of power or something larger. Well, I think that we know the answer to that, now. Apparently, all of San Diego County and parts of surrounding counties were affected by an unprecedented power outage.

Regardless of our perceived plight, my family had one of the best nights! Around dusk, we took a long drive on one of our favorite roads. (Sleeping Indian from Oceanside to Fallbrook is this amazingly circuitous road that Rene loves to ride on his road cycle, but it is also fun to drive. Sidenote: He actually hit 52 mph on one of the downhills. I don't even like going down the hill going 50 in my Odyssey.)

We laughed and played games by candlelight and it was pretty fabulous!
There was a spirited game of charades. We made shadow puppets by flashlight. It was nice to be able to enjoy each other without other distractions.

After the youngest kiddos had gone to bed, Jake and I sat on the front porch and read by candlelight and Rene enjoyed a little nappy.

Close to nine o'clock, the whir of power startled us all. It was almost as if it had broken the magical spell of quiet.

We did, however, get an unexpected surprise. During the outage, all San Diego County public schools had canceled schools on Friday.

Hello, 3-day weekend brought to you by SDG&E! :)

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