Sunday, May 15, 2011

You down with OPP? Yeah, you know me.

I apologize for the lame 90s reference, but it is relevant here. Only the OPP isn't for Other People's Property (or other choice nouns), it is for Other People's Pantries.

I am extremely honored that my pantry was featured this week on The Perfect Pantry's weekly feature "Other People's Pantries."

Our family is fortunate in that we have a pretty large, walk-in pantry that houses the massive quantities of food that this family seemingly requires.

Here is my kitchen:

(These are the only pics that I can grab from the interwebs, but I have made some changes since these were taken. I added a chalkboard to the pantry door and I took the doors off above the stove.)
The pantry is through the door just to the right of the fridge.

Keeping it organized makes it easy for me to take stock of what we need each week.

You can find more pictures at The Perfect Pantry.

Enjoy and thanks so much to Lydia for including me in her weekly feature. :)

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Hannah said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. I am so envious of your space!