Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Spring) Cabin Fever Quilters Retreat

This past weekend, I was able to get away to Idyllwild with some of my favorite ladies-my Cabin Fever Quilters Friendship Group.

Donna (the Dynamo) and Mare (the Amazing) planned and organized an outstanding weekend for us all. It was fantastic and can't wait until we do it again.

We spread out over most of the living room/dining room. I'll admit that it did look a bit like a sweatshop. :) (That is my machine and table in the left foreground.)

We stayed up late each night and were up early each morning. (I swear that Donna and Mare didn't sleep, at all.)
I wasn't able to finish all of the projects that I prepped, but I did finish four quilt tops. Hopefully, I will find some time in the coming weeks actually quilt them.
Here are the things that I finished:

Our little group got sooooo much stuff finished!
These belong to Mare and Marie.

This picture shows Marie and Andrina's work.

Next, you can see Andrina and Donna's completed projects.

Here are Sue's completed projects (with mine.)

Finally, these are Linda's Civil War reproduction blocks (and Linda holding them.) She completed 25 of these beautiful blocks!

As much fun as we all had, it was nice to run along our merry way home--

--and spend Sunday with our families.

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