Monday, June 30, 2008

Sushi Night

My blog is by no means a cooking blog. Although I love cooking, I would never think to stop and take pictures. However, earlier tonight I was talking to my niece, Kelsi, back in Mississippi. I was teasing her about the sushi that I was rolling (she loves sushi). I told her if she would come out and babysit for me, I would pay her in sushi. Not a bad deal, huh? Have you seen the price of sashimi grade salmon and tuna? She'd be making out like a bandit! So, to entice my sweet little Kelsi Elizabeth here is the sushi that we had tonight. C'mon, Lizard!
EDITED TO ADD: After reading Kelsi's comment, I have to ask....
You mean Tatie Chip? The same Katie (Tatie Chip) that when she came to California to help me with my wedding went to the Sushi Bar with us and only ate Teriyaki Chicken strips? Just kidding. Of course I know that, because the lovely Katie graced me with her presence the last time I was home for some yummy Sushi at that place on Goodman Road. :D
After rolling...

After cutting...

I love sushi in the summer.

Edited to add: After posting and seeing how crappy the pictures are, I think you can understand why this is NOT a cooking blog. :-)


dawn said...

Ahhh she is going to have a fit!! What a unbelievable presentation! Gorgeous. (Although the mere thought of sushi gags me)

She was drooling over the thought of it ... so i made her tuna salad!! :)

Love you!

Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

Oh man, heck with her I will babysit for sushi lol.

Kelsi said...

oh yum. those pictures look professional. (:
and btw - my sister is the one who turned me to love sushi you should send this to her lol.