Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In It to Spin It

a.k.a.  I knew my callipygous build would be useful one day.

This past Sunday, I went a little farther than my previous record distance.  I am beginning to think that 100 miles by the end of the summer is totally attainable!  So proud of myself!
My time wasn't that grand, considering my stop at the harbor to enjoy the afternoon, but I am mainly focused on increasing my distance-not decreasing my time.

Friday night, René and I had a hot date...we took a ride together.  It was fun to try to keep pace with him and even better to draft behind him into the headwind.  :)

(Isn't he adorable?)
Want to see something else adorable?  My bike!  (Actually, I am thinking about an upgrade... we shall see.)

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