Sunday, June 5, 2011

That's my boy!

I am so proud of my son, Jake. (Well, I am proud of all my children, but this post is dedicated to Jakey.)

At the close of each year, the kids get to celebrate all of the things that they have accomplished that year.

Tuesday of this past week, we were invited to two awards ceremonies for Jake. The first was during the school day and it was the awards ceremony for Grade Point Average.

Jake had a 4.0. One of only 5 students in all of seventh grade! Woot!

He also received an award for being a member of PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students.) It is a leadership group that holds forums for teachers and students, alike. This was his first year on the PLUS team and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He will be continuing with PLUS during his eighth grade year.

During the evening ceremony, we anticipated that Jake would win the Outstanding student for 7th grade math, like he did the previous year.

However, we forgot that he can't win that because he isn't in a 7th grade math.

He is actually in the Algebra class for 8th graders. (The counselor suggested he skip 7th grade math and take the 8th grade Algebra because math is so easy for him. They were right because he was one of only two students with an A at the end of the year and the other was an 8th grader.)
Well, the instructor had to give the award to an 8th grader, even though he told us that Jake was his best student; but, I digress....

So, we had no idea what award he would be receiving. Well......

Jake received the Outstanding Student in Language Arts for 7th grade! I love his wrinkled brain! I really do! Here is a snapshot that I took during the ceremony, after he received his medal. Isn't he adorable?

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Thanks, mom.