Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve and Pumpkins A-Plenty!

I love the anticipation on Thanksgiving Eve. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because I get to spend the whole day in the kitchen making Thanksgiving dinner for my family.
Happy day! So, the brine has cooked and is now cooling. The turkey is washed and waiting for its brine bath. :)
I also wanted to take the opportunity to show the Pumpkin Quilt that I made recently.

I finished the binding while I was at the Quilt Retreat, but had finished the rest in late October/early November.

It wa made from a pattern called "Jack-o-Lanterns" by Black Mountain Quilts. I opted to not put the faces on the pumpkins, so that I could have it out in the front room through Thanksgiving.

The fabric that I used came from a kit at the Cottage for a quilt called Crazy Jacks. This is the first quilt that I haven't stippled. I free-motion quilted each pumpkin and then did a vine/leaf pattern between them. (No comment on the subliminal picture in the pumpkin quilting. My friends and I have already discussed this ad nauseum.)

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