Monday, July 12, 2010

Life is a Carnival!

This year, we were unable to go to the Del Mar Fair because Gabriela's eye surgery required an extended recovery time with limited public contact.  Since, we couldn't go to the Fair, the Carnival came to us!  The San Luis Rey Mission, just down the street from us, hosted a Carnival for their Christmas in July celebration and we decided to attend.  It was fun, but let me go on record as saying that Carnie-folk truly scare me. 

The girls had a fine time on the Carousel. 

Jake and I were the only one to ride the "big ticket" rides.  I can't believe how big my Baby Jake is getting.  (I also can't believe how lame I am at taking a self-portrait.  My head looks detached.  In my defense, we were twirling and I was leaning over a huge obstacle.)

Ahhh, that's better. 

René had to help the younger kids down the slide,
so he decided to take a trip down, too.
Shea-shea rode every ride that he could.  (Some he was just too short to ride.)  In a few years, he will be there with Jakey and me on the big rides.  I love my daredevil boys.  :)  Here, Daniel looks bored to death on the Carnival's equivalent of the spinning teacups. 
Arizona thinks that it has problems with aliens!  
California totally has them topped.  They are on every street corner!!
Seriously, this is the locally famous Alien for "Killer Pizza From Mars,"  which is where we went for dinner.
Such an odd, but fun, place. 
Great family night!

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