Monday, May 31, 2010

City Camping....

Saturday night, we had such a fun night!   We went to the house of my best friends, Karol and Tom.  They invite us over often and we always accept because they feel like family to us!  Unfortunately, either Rene or I have to be the designated driver so that we can be sure that we get our precious cargo home safely.  Well, Tom came up with a great idea for us to be able to stay as late as we always want, and both of us be able to enjoy some wine.  He suggested we bring the tent and camp in the backyard.  The newly renovated LawnJockey was definitely the hit of the night!  The only downside was that Jakey couldn't go with us because he went to Legoland with his best friend. 

The LawnJockey supervises the girls on the trampoline.
Look into his hypnotic eyes!
The kids showered the LawnJockey with LOTS of attention!

Cuteness to the third power!

The menfolk enjoyed the Lakers win!
Ready for action! (Sidenote:  Rene and I were married in almost this exact spot in Karol's backyard.)  *grin*

Cristina waking me up to tell me that she had peeked outside and that it was the most beautiful morning she had EVER seen!

  The boys sleeping in, a bit!
On Sunday, we came home and spent pretty much the rest of the day out in the pool.  Even Barbie caught some rays. 

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh my gosh I'm in awe of you being able to get a photo of a child waking you up! I would have bitten my kid's head off without even having woken up all the way! :-) :-) :-)