Monday, April 12, 2010

The day the refrigerator died....

Saturday morning, when I grabbed the half-n-half from the fridge, I knew we had a problem.  Our refrigerator had given out.  It was still cool in there, but the motor was no longer cooling.   Additionally, the floor was sopping wet because everything in the freezer was thawing. 
We had plans to do a mini-remodel of the kitchen and tear out some cabinets to make room for a commericial-grade Subzero fridge; however, those plans were for later rather than sooner.  That wouldn't work!   Our little family can't do without a refrigerator for long enough for us to get that together.
So, we gathered all of our coolers, packed our goods with ice, and felt like we were camping in our own kitchen.  We even invited Karol and Tom over to enjoy a "mixed-grill" of meats that wouldn't fit into the coolers.  Delicious!
Thankfully, our new refrigerator was delivered Sunday.  Obviously, it wasn't the one that we had planned, but it'll do. 
All's well that chills well.  Sorry, for the lame pun.  :-)

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