Monday, March 29, 2010

The tooth fairy knows how to stimulate the economy....

Poor Shea-Shea.  He finally lost his first tooth! 
Unfortunately, he lost it when he took a big bite of sushi and he accidentally swallowed it. 
That's right. 
He lost his first lost tooth.  :(   There were many tears because surely this is the worst thing that a six year old can possibly imagine.  Fortunately for him, the tooth fairy recognized his pain and compensated him appropriately.  (I love his goofy smile here.  He is trying so hard to show the tiny space where the tooth once was.)  Sweet thing!

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audrey said...

Too cute!!! My daughter just lost her first tooth 2 mos ago and she too is 6 so she was beyond thrilled! Then a few weeks later she lost her 2nd tooth.

And then it hit me, these were the 2 teeth I desperately waited to come in as she was almost 11 mos w/o teeth! I rubbed her gums so vigorously and they came in on my birthday, now they're in my sock drawer in a little baggie.