Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilts for Kids quilt

For any quilter (or anyone familiar with a sewing maching , for that matter) that may be interested in participating in something wonderful, let me introduce you to: Quilts for Kids!

It is a wonderful program that provides quilts to children in need during their stay in hospitals around the country.  These quilts are theirs to keep and provide comfort during a stressful time in their young lives. 

Quilts for Kids will send you fabric that is mostly pre-cut and requires minimal prep.  You need only follow the directions provided and you are finished!  The trickiest part is machine-stitching the binding, but it was fun to try something new.   
It warms my heart to be part of such an organization/movement.  Please look into it and donate some of your time, materials, and money (for postage, batting, and binding) and help out some sweet child. 

(Behind the quilt, you'll find my youngest Gabriela.  For her, rainboots are more than an accessory, they are an attitude.  Just sayin'.)
When you finish, you just send it back with the informational materials (so that they may use them again.)

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