Friday, February 1, 2008

Low-tech hacker alert...

Our family life and commitments can get a bit chaotic. I have always counted on our family calendar on the refrigerator to keep our lives organized. It is a just a perpetual write on/wipe off style of calendar, but it has been fantastic at keeping us on track.
However, recently, my calendar is not my own. The last week or so, when I come downstairs in the morning (remember my kids wake up at 4:45am) something funky has been happening to my calendar.
Events have disappeared, for no apparent reason. In their place, some hieroglyphics that can only be attributed to one person. I mean to say, this has one person's name written all over it. No, literally. It has Daniel's name written all over it. Not in the conventional left to right orientation that one might expect. In the "I'm gonna make it fit in this square, even if I have to write it in a circle" fashion. To be fair, I see Cristina's signature prominently placed, as well.
Although I am totally in love with coming down to these surprises every morning, I am going to have to come up with a new system of keeping our commitments organized. *sigh* Until then, beware the low-tech hacker that is 4 years old and about 3 feet short and his sidekick Curly Macgoo.


x3JessicaLouise said...

How cute, but not all at the same time. Is there another place you could put it, just higher? Only thing I can think of. Kids do the darndest things don't they?

Fiery Redhead said...

So cute! I guess this is one of those things that kids do that is soooo cute yet makes things much more complicated for you. I agree with Jess that you may want to put it higher. Another idea would be to buy a large desk calendar and hang it rather than put it on the desk. It will be plenty big enough to put all your appointments, but still have room for lots of doodles. And since it's not erasable your appointments will still be there even when they do doodle.

Kay said...

Outlook girl. Outlook is my favorite tool.

Besides, I think the calendar looks cute this way :)

cindyMN said...

LOL. that is hilarious!!
and WHY in the freeking lord do your kids get up at 4AM??? that's just wrong!!

We use a wall calender, hung pretty high for everyone's things. It works well for us. Plus it's a yrly record of what we did.